WORKSHOP | Canto Baul, Madrid
February 10, 2018
Arts and Crafts Center for the Performing Arts
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The Singing Body in the Baul Parampara

Saturday and Sunday

10 and 11 February 2018. Hours 09.00 to 13.30

Place: CAAE (Performing Arts Crafts Center) of Residui Teatro , C / Ercilla 48, Madrid

During the workshop, Parvathy Baul will introduce some basic elements of Baul singing practice, incorporating dance and movement of the whole body.

Participants will learn some songs and learn about the Baul tradition through the direct experience of Parvathy and some images that she will show during the workshop.

It is necessary that participants arrive 10 minutes before the start of the activity and that they sit quietly during this time. The Baul Master asks us to remember that the Baul Parampara is usually transmitted during years of study with a Guru, who guides the students in knowledge of the Baul song.

Keep in mind that the Baul Parampara is not just a workshop leader or a coach, it is a Guru Shishya Parmpara.

We receive Parvathy with the respect due to a Master of Baul, aware that her teachings come from a very ancient tradition and that they have been transmitted to her through a generation of Masters.

It requires many years of practice, blessings from the past, and acceptance of the Baul Gurus to obtain the authority to teach Baul.

Materials to bring:
A pen and notebook.
A non-professional device (the phone is enough) to record the songs that will be studied.
White socks that facilitate the movement of the foot, to be able to work without shoes in the rehearsal room.
If students play instruments, percussion, bells (ankle), bring them.

DONATION: 100 euros (50 euros for listeners)

LANGUAGE : Workshop conducted in English, if the students need translation they will have to inform the organization at the time of completing the registration.