PERFORMANCE | World Sacred Spirit Festival, Jodhpur
February 18, 2017
Mehrangarh Fort
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Parvathy Baul at the World Sacred Spirit Festival, Jodhpur
Saturday 18th February 2017 | 7:30 pm

The poet, PARVATHY BAUL, swirls her arm in space toward the sky, caught in the spiral of the wind of a free spirit. She casts her presence of near medicinal qualities while reciting an evasive mystical poetry. Such is she a charmer emerged from another world.
The Bauls (from vatul in Sanskrit, literally “mad”, drunk on divine aspiration) are the last great nomad mystics of the world; between heaven and earth, between poetic ecstasy and physical reality, they dance.

Parvathy Baul performs a vast repertoire of sung poems, accompanied by two small instruments: the single string ektara and the duggi drum. Although she follows the vocal style of her guru Sanathan Das Baul, she always impresses in it a flavour and an energy that are unique to her, acquired through many other Baul masters. As to her way of dancing, very particular given the slowness of her movements, she harks back to the legendary master Nithay Khepa.

The Baul (from the Sanskrit batul, literally taken “mad”, drunk on divine inspiration) are the last great mystic nomads of the world, between the heaven and earth, between poetic ecstasy and carnal reality, they whirl, the arm lifted high, in a spirit that calls to mind the free wind of the mind.

Whether inspired by Buddhism, by Hinduism or by Islam, is of no matter, «that which is dazed or swept away by the wind» sings the divine under every form. Beyond convention, dogma, and ritual, the Baul, anarchist of the sacred, sings everywhere: at home, on the road, in the boat helping him to cross the river, in the train, as well as in Jodhpur!