WORKSHOP | Immersive Retreat, Mountain Yoga, Oakland, California, USA
April 6, 2018
Mountain Yoga
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Riding the River of Love: Baul songs of Joy and Longing with Parvathy Baul
April 6th to 8th 2018 | Mountain Yoga, Oakland, CA, USA

Parvathy Baul — the most recognized female Baul in the world — comes to Mountain Yoga to share the songs, philosophy, and spiritual insights of this ancient heritage.

The Baul path, originating in rural Bengal, draws from Sufi, Buddhist, and Indian tantra traditions. In addition to their haunting devotional songs, Bauls are known for their reverence for the feminine and fierce opposition to the caste system.

​”Make your life into a prayer.” — Sanatan Das Baul

This immersion will focus on the yoga of song in the Baul tradition. Discover why the Baul’s are referred to as the “Honey Gatherers,” divinely intoxicated bards seeking the nectar of authentic devotion. This is an Inspiration Series event.