PERFORMANCE | Concert in Gujo, Japan
June 5, 2018
Gujo Hachiman Castle Town Plaza
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Parvathy Baul will perform at Gujo Festival, Gujo, Japan

5th June, 2018 | 7:30 to 9:30 PM | Anzaiji (Yaginomachi Yahata-cho, Gujo-shi, Gifu Prefecture 217) – parking lot
Transportation: From JR Gifu station / North entrance ⑭ From the platform, Gifu bus express highway Yahagi line (reservation unnecessary) Just get off at “Gujo Hachimanjo castle town plaza”.
: Get off at Osaka / Kyoto / Ningi Bus or Kintetsu bus “Gujo Hachiman IC”.
Demand bus to the city area (reservation required)
Soon, get off at “Gujo Hachiman Castle Town Plaza”.

Contribution: 4000 yen – Reservation | 4500 yen – On the spot | 3000 yen – Student Reservation | 3500 – Student On the spot

The performance will be preceded by a discussion between Parvathy ji and the renowned Tsuchitori San.

◉ Special guest: Toshinori Tsuchii (Esraji et al.)
◉ Lighting: Yui Kawai

◉ Date and time: Open on June 5, 2018 (Tue) at 19:00 / opened at 19:30
※ We plan an opening talk (30 minutes).
◉ Admission fee: General reservation 4000 yen General day 4,500 yen
: Student reservation 3000 yen Student day 3500 yen
※ Preschool children, please refrain from entering children who can not be quietly appreciated.

◉ Reservation · Inquiries: 080-1994-4647 (Inoue)
※ ① Name ② Number of people ③ Contact address ④ Please reserve your ticket type clearly.
· For students, present your student ID at the reception desk at the day.
· For admission fee, it will be liquidation at the reception desk at the day.

◉ Project Production: “Sound of Baul” Production Executive Committee
◉ Official HP: https: //
◉ Co-sponsored: Gujo Hachiman Music Festival Executive Committee