PERFORMANCE | Ruhaniyat, Delhi
December 2, 2017
New Delhi
Purana Qila
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Mystic Pathways: Indo- Azebaijani Production
Parvathy Baul and Sakina Ismayilova

Saturday 2 December | 6:30 PM | Purana Qila, New Delhi

When surrounded by turmoil and destruction beyond our control the feeling of helpless despair is all engulfing. The mystics used such times to test and enhance the strength of faith in the divine; enhance the strength of love, of compassion, in other words all that is positive, constructive. When a heart reverberates with unconditional pure love and peace, it is bound to echo in another sooner or later. Let our hearts be so full of love that hatred has no space – said the wise one. Let that beat resonate so powerfully that it rides the darkness away… enlightening all that comes its way.

Join us, as the immortal words spreading love, harmony and peace come alive. Together, let us absorb and spread the light we so desperately seek.