WORKSHOP | Vocal Practice Workshop, Kolkata
January 15, 2018
10:30 am
Udayshankar Hall, Rabindra Bharati University
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Parvathy Baul will be a facilitator at Vocal Practice across cultures: A Workshop

15th January, 2017 | 10:30 to 4:30 pm | Udayshankar Hall, Rabindra Bharati University, Jorasanko, Kolkata

Contribution: Rs. 600 (Includes veg lunch)

Register: Carpe Diem – 8017067272/ 9836712200

Facilitator – Tünde Farkas

“I would like the workshop participants to have a taste of the extremely colourful Hungarian folk music tradition by showing them music pieces from the different parts of Hungary. This folk music tradition is an encoded thesaurus of musical mother-tongue, ancient life-experience, clear aesthetic, rich emotional world and wisdom.  In this globalized world of ours, I believe it is very important that every nation must know and must live it’s own musical language, and must know and enjoy the musical culture of other nations. I strongly believe that between different cultures there are no pits and distances but there are rather cousinships. I would like to quote the great Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály who according to his musical research, declared that one of the hands of the Hungarian nation is held by the West and the other hand is held by the East.

 In this workshop you can learn about Hungarian folk songs with different styles of tunes, rhythms, themes  and you can try yourself out in traditional Hungarian folk dancing.”

Facilitator – Lloyd Bricken

“Coming Alive Through Song”

We will work and play together using traditional songs from the Southern United States, which form a central part of Mr. Bricken’s work material and the research of his company, the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. This work on song is an exploration of the impact that the rhythmical, melodic and vibrational qualities can have on the people singing and on the observers. We will search for the possibility of embodied singing in a living flow of action. Furthermore these singing sessions will investigate the potential for interaction within the structure of the song and among us as a group, including ancient modes of basic movement and dance with precise steps.
For these sessions it is not needed to be trained as a singer, a dancer, or to have any previous experience singing at all. Please bring a sets of clothes that you love to wear, (like you would wear to go out to a formal event with someone you really like), but that allow the possibility of movement. Please no exercise clothes.

Facilitator – Parvathy Baul

Parvathy Baul will represent the ancient Baul tradition of Bengal. Like many of the bhakti and Yogi traditions of India, the origin of the Baul wisdom reaches back into the dim twilight of history, through the lineages which still pass on the songs and teachings of Baul, a great lamp of timeless wisdom has been brought all the way from the distant past to illuminate the present, and it shines as brilliant as ever. There is much that is still unknown about what the Baul tradition may have looked like so long ago, but even in the thousand plus years of traceable history, the practitioners have taken on many forms and have inspired many of the other Bhakti and Yogi traditions of India.

The Baul songs cover a wide variety of poetic expressions, and their way with words is a very playful use of the Bengali language, each stanza rich with puns and metaphors. Sometimes the lyrics appear very simple, but hidden in them is meaning so deep and with so many layers that a whole life-time of studying Baul may not reveal the whole essence. This goes to show that this tradition is far more than joyful singing, it is a sadhana, a whole way of living, a method for hearing the Song throughout our entire life.

In the workshop, you will experience for yourself a glimpse of this vast tradition, which engages body, mind, emotions and Self.