Aaye Kheyene

The sweet nectar of love
The intoxicated one drinks

The wine of heaven, the drink of the breath, is a holy book read by true lovers. The Baul poet Rajjab invites us to get drunk, to enter a world of non-sense, or a higher sense.

In September 2011, Parvathy Baul graciously welcomed the Kabir Project team to her home in Trivandrum and we got an opportunity to immerse in songs and satsangs with her over an intense period of 7 days. One night in the akhada in the upper part of her home, Parvathy performed this song to an intimate audience of friends.

Parvathy is a Baul singer and practitioner, painter and storyteller from Bengal and has been a disciple of Shashanko Goshai and Sanatan Das Baul. She currently lives in Trivandrum, Kerala. (www.parvathybaul.com)

Song Credits:
Ektara, Duggi and Vocals: Parvathy Baul

Translation: Vipul Rikhi
Translation Support: Parvathy Baul

Video Credits:
Cameras: Smriti Chanchani & Aarthi Parthasarathy
Editing & Sound: Aarthi Parthasarathy
Sub-Titling: Anand Baskaran
Collection: The Kabir Project

Place of recording: Trivandrum, Kerala
Date of recording: September 2011

Facebook Page: Ajab Shahar