Woodcut Prints

“As a practitioner of Baul tradition, I was deeply moved by the metaphors, stories and history of the Baul oral tradition. Baul tradition was not written down, as it is a process of “transmission” from Master to disciple, so there hasn’t been any efforts to create images. But as a practitioner, I felt the need to create the images because images have power and the right energy, which could create a bridge between cultures and visualisation of the Baul poetry.”– Parvathy Baul


These woodcuts are created by Parvathy Baul and her husband Ravi Gopalan Nair. Parvathy had learned to do woodcuts during her student days at Kalabhavan, Shantiniketan, as a visual arts student. Later, when she had started to live and work with Ravi, who is a traditional wood-carving artist from Kerala. Together, they created these woodcuts, (Parvathy: Concept, drawing, printing. Ravi: wood engraving) especially to depict the images in the Baul songs.

The Two Birds and a Tree – 78cm x 56½ cm

MahaGuru Thangal in the Triangular Park – 78cm x 56½ cm

Bhava Pagla inside the Womb of a Banyan Tree – 78cm x 56½ cm

The Rain Bird of Lalon Fakir – 78cm x 56½ cm

Women Baul Performers in a Village Festival – 78cm x 56½ cm

Bama Khepa at Tarapeeth cremation ground – 78cm x 56½ cm

Nitai Khepa with his Sadhika and Cow – 78cm x 56½ cm

The Baul Anuragee (Lovers) – 56½cm x 38cm

Baul Mela under Shamiyana – 78cm x 56½ cm

The Fakirs and the Half Moon – 56½cm x 38cm

Radha Bhav – 56½cm x 38cm

Maya – 56½cm x 38cm

The Womb Song – 56½cm x 38cm

The Circle of Love – 56½cm x 38cm

Banu Singha, Shib Singha and Lachima (Nava Rassika Series) – 56½cm x 38cm

Jayadeva and Padmavati (Nava Rassika Series) – 56½cm x 38cm

Chandidas and Rami (Nava Rassika Series) – 56½cm x 38cm

Bilwamangal and Chintamoni (Nava Rassika Series) – 56½cm x 38cm

Three Gopini – 56½cm x 38cm

Satsang with Aghoris – 56½cm x 38cm


When Parvathy Baul was living with her Guru Sri Sanatan Das Baul, she created these few small paintings to depict her experiences and the images from Baul history that captured her heart. All paintings are in Acrylic on A4 Canvas.

Habib Fakir and Saraswati Dasi

Joydev Cremation Ground Bhajahari Sining

A Baul gathering night in Purulia

“Caught the Fish” Chandidas and Rami

Sonamukhi Baul Mela at Sanatan Baba’s Village

Gour Khepa Singing to the Mirror of the Sky

Tie the Pot on Date – Palm Tree

Sonamukhi Sadhu Mela

Baul Gathering by the Ajay River